Getting There

When to Go

When Planning your trip to Buenos Aires, one important thing to remember is that Buenos Aires is located in the southern hemisphere so the seasons will be reversed from those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Our summer is there winter, which could be quite a shock if you go to Buenos Aires in July. The best time to plan a trip to Buenos Aires is in the Spring around the months of September, October, or November. The weather is mild during these months and the temperature will not be a huge shock to you as you get off the plane.

Time Zone

Buenos Aires is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (one hour ahead during daylight savings time). This is much nicer than have to adjust to a five hour difference if you plan a trip to Europe. Adjusting to the time is not a problem except for the fact that you will be staying our to 5 AM every night dancing.


From the United States there are several direct flights from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and New York. Direct flights from these locations are about 10 - 12 hours in duration so be prepared to entertain yourself on the plane. There are two airports in Buenos Aires, Jorge Newberry for domestic flights in Argentina, and Ezeiza International Airport for international flights. You will be flying to Ezeiza when you arrive to Buenos Aires. Ezeiza is a fairly modern airport but it is located in the southwestern suburbs of Buenos Aires. There is no public transportation to the airport so a 45 minute taxi ride to the city is necessary. It is usually best if you can prearrange transportation and have someone meet you outside customs. If you are renting an apartment from somebody, some renters will arrange for transportation for you.


The Argentine government charges a reciprocity fee for citizens traveling with a United States, Austrialian, and Canadian passport. It is called a reciprocity fee because those respective countries charge Argentine citizens the same amount of money to enter the country. The reciprocity rate for the United States is $160 and is good for multiple entries for ten years. Effective December 28, 2012 you can no longer pay the reciprocity fee at the airport but must pay the fee online with a credit card and print a form to take with you to customs. You can pay the reciprocity at the government website: . When arriving at customs be sure to have your passport, your reciprocity form, and the address of where you will be staying. The customs agent will take your fingerprints electronically, take a picture of you, and then stamp your passport. Once you get past passport control you will pick up your bags at baggage claim and then head over to customs. There are free baggage carts throughout the airport. Customs will have you X-Ray your bags but they are not picky especially if you are a foreigner. They are mostly looking for plants, food products, and other contraband.