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Welcome to Tango!

Just a few pointers for getting started

  • Tango is danced counterclockwise on the dance floor

  • A Tango dance is also called a Milonga. The term Milonga is also used to describe a style of music

  • There are three music styles of music played at a Milonga: Tango, Vals, and Milonga. Vals is like viennes Waltz and Milonga has an habenera rythm

  • A couple dances a set of three or four songs called a Tanda. The Tandas are seperated by a non Tango song called a Cortina which signals for the couple to find a new partner.

  • Tango is a completly improvised dance. The dance is based on concepts not steps.

  • Check out the Links page to find more information on this beautiful dance

  • Just have fun!