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Daniel Haverporth

Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi

Daniela and Luis' tango is often described as fluid, musical and passionate. Their instruction and dance is based on deep knowledge of and respect for all the different styles of social tango: milonguero, salon and nuevo. They believe that all of these techniques and vocabularies offer tools to achieve what they consider fundamental in tango: a personal, joyful and passionate conversation with the partner through movement, leading to full expression and inspired by the music. As instructors, their ultimate goal is to help students achieve better quality of movement, develop a comfortable, subtle and sensitive connection with the partner, increase their body awareness and find their own unique, authentic and free voice in the dance.  Students in their classes can expect a wealth of information on tango technique, encouragement to push boundaries, lots of personalized feedback, and a healthy dose of humor to complement the mix.